Zarai Media Productions is the media production company of Maurice Chayut, founded in 1983 in New York and since 2011 based in the Netherlands.


Zarai creates stories in moving images and words:  documentaries primarily for national and international television broadcast and commissioned films for companies, non-profit organizations and individuals.




We are always interested in pursuing collaborations on documentary projects. You are welcome to contact us if you have an interesting idea for co-production.



Zarai Media Productions distinguish it selves by its broad interest, solid knowledge, research qualities and long-term experience. We are dedicated to storytelling and know how to turn stories into great films. Our specialty is to combine words and images and the mix of film and still photography.


We create our film productions with a team of experienced filmmakers, still photographers, editors, musicians and graphic designers.


Zarai makes films for companies, non-profit organizations and individuals. These works include corporate films, promotion films, informative films, documentaries and portraits.



Zarai Media Productions has an extensive network and experience in all facets of producing and working on international locations with international crew members.


Zarai provides services in the field of: research for project-content and production, (script-) development, project planning and budgeting,  film crew and equipment, editing and post production.



Sixty-nine years after the nightmare of the holocaust, Anti-Semitism is back and escalating in Europe. For the holocaust survivors it is a reminder of the 1930’s, for their children it is a new phenomena that frightens them.


This one-hour film will tell the stories and the fear in the Jewish communities through out Europe. Through personal stories it will expose these phenomena that few people admits it is real. Is the notion that peace in the Middle East will stop this Anti-Semitism is true?


Many believe it has nothing to do with it; it is only a cover to express this hatred. Some believe that anti-Semitism never left Europe; it stayed under-current after the Holocaust and now it is rising again. In some Jewish communities the fear is more than real and some are packing and leaving Europe.











Zarai Media Productions produces and direct documentaries and short films showcasing social and political relevant themes and cultural in-depth stories, blending the best journalism investigation with narrative film making.  Our aim is to create compelling visual stories that provoke thought and debate.


Zarai explores stories behind the news that complete the picture of events taking place around the world today. From investigative reporting and social political affairs - both from a current and historical perspective – to biographies of people and  cultural in-depth stories


Zarai's productions are primarily made for national and international broadcasters.




Maurice studied film in Tel Aviv and New York. Established in 1983 his production company in New York and started an intensive collaboration with Ofra Bikel; one of America's leading journalists. Together they made over 20 documentaries for the PBS flagship current affairs series ‘Frontline’.


Their subjects ranged from international social political affairs to the investigation of the US criminal justice system. The material was broadcasted around the world, and continues to remain in libraries and educational institutions worldwide.


Numerous productions won notable recognition including 6 Emmy awards and other prestigious awards.


Since 2011 Maurice works from the Netherlands. With his inter-cultural background, solid knowledge, long-term experience and proven craftsmanship he is dedicated to projects that complete the picture of events taking place around the from a political, social and cultural perspective.



A glimpse on thirty years film making


For more information about our services or any other inquiries, you are very much welcome to contact us.



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